What you get...
With the CALL HOME service, you hold a borderless world in the palm of your hand. It doesn't matter what phone you use, we've made it simple for you to keep in touch with your loved ones back home:
Reduced call tariffs Reduced International Call Tariffs
With our low, per-second international call rates to Econet customers in Zimbabwe and Lesotho, we're making it easier for you to call your family and friends whenever you want and more often:

International calls from CALL HOME to Econet Zimbabwe (+26377...and 26378)

International calls from CALL HOME to Econet Telecoms Lesotho (+2666... and +2662...)

R5.99 per minute

R 1.99 per minute

Choice of any Cell C local tariff options:
  • 99 cents for real: 99c anytime to any local network (default)
  • Easychat per Second : All calls charged per second, from the first second
  • Easychat standard: Calls are charged per minute for 60 seconds or less and per second thereafter
  • Easychat all day: Pay one flat rate per minute, any time of the day. Per minute charging.
    Access to "CALL HOME Zone"
    We've made it FREE and EASY to use the growing variety of CALL HOME services by putting them all in one virtual "place" that you can access from any and all mobile phones. The Zone offers you the latest home country news and sports, free TOUCH messaging, a SEND HOME airtime wallet, and more! Dial *133*003# to access the CALL HOME Zone from any phone or go to www.econetzone.mobi from data enabled phones.
    Headline news FREE Home Headline and Sports News
    Get up-to-the-minute news and sports from your home country live from Internet news sources - even if you do not yet have a data enabled phone! From home country news & sports to current affairs and weather, we will deliver the latest news to your mobile, wherever you are and whenever you need it.
    Free Touch FREE TOUCH Messaging
    Send your loved ones a "Good night" or "I Love You" message every night before you go to sleep or send them a blessing in the morning...all for FREE. With nine different message categories to choose from and five FREE messages per day, never let your sentiments go unspoken. TOUCH Messaging now also works from Econet Zimbabwe to Econet CALL HOME lines!
    Free send home FREE SEND HOME Airtime Transfer
    Instant and FREE International airtime transfer! Keep your loved ones talking without the commission charges or fees associated with sending airtime home. With our SEND HOME wallet system exclusively on CALL HOME lines, you can easily transfer airtime to any Econet Zimbabwe customer right from your phone. ECONET AIRTIME sells at Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper and Usave.
    Call Home CALL HOME Rates
    Use the CALL HOME Zone rates option to learn the current CALL HOME international calling rates. Best local rates in SA: 99c per minute, with per second billing, to ANY NETWORK, ANY TIME. Dial 141 to change your tariff.
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    Our other great benefits
    With the CALL HOME service, you will have a world of power in the palm of your hand – for free. It doesn’t matter what phone you use, with a simple call we’ll give you access to:
    Call me back Free Call Me Backs from Home
    Your loved ones back home can always reach out to you...even if they are out of airtime! FREE International Call Me Back requests are SMS'ed to your CALL HOME line within seconds. With international Call Me Backs, Econet has provided your loved ones with a free lifeline to you.
    keec existing cell number Keep your existing cell number with Free Porting
    You can keep your existing MTN or Vodacom number by moving (porting) it to your CALL HOME SIM. Easy instructions in every CALL HOME SIM Starter Pack. Free number forever never worry about your number being recycled – as long as you make and receive calls, it remains yours.
    lowest call rates SA's lowest call rates
    With Cell C's Friends & Family, you can select seven of your most frequently dialed South African numbers and get permanently discounted rates of up to 20% off whenever you contact them. Take advantage of this unique Cell C benefit to lower your local calling costs as well!
    Get your Call Home SIM today!
    Join the hundreds of thousands of happy Econet CALL HOME customers today by purchasing your own CALL HOME SIM or SEND HOME Airtime wallet today from any of these great "value for money" retailers:
    Shoprite Checkers usave
    For more information on which of the above leading retailers stock the CALL HOME SIM Starter Packs and SEND HOME Airtime wallets, please click the link below:
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    Simply dial *
    133 ECONET

    and enjoy these great benefits & more on your phone today!
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    * Note that: *133*ECONET#
       is *133*326638#