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Roam@home Roam@Home   *106*1#

International roaming is a service that enables you to take your cellphone with you to another country and stay connected on your normal number.
You no longer need to purchase a temporary SIM card, and you don’t need to waste money by calling to tell people what your new temporary number is. More

Call Home icon CALL HOME Zone callhome *133*003#
Get quick access to all products and services, which are unique and exclusive to CALL HOME subscribers in South Africa. The CALL HOME Zone logos hereafter indicate the process to access the applicable service. More

Free home headline news and sports FREE Home Headline and Sports News callhome *133*003# option 8
Get up-to-the-minute news and sports from your home country live from Internet news sources - even if you do not yet have a data enabled phone!

Free call me backs FREE Call Me Backs from Home callhome *133*003# option 4

Your loved ones back home can always reach out to you...even if they are out of airtime! More

Send home airtime FREE SEND HOME Airtime Transfer callhome *133*003# option 2

Instant and FREE International airtime transfer! Keep your loved ones talking without the commission charges or fees associated with sending airtime home. More

Touch messaging FREE TOUCH Messaging callhome *133*003# option 5

Send your loved ones a "Good night" or "I Love You" message every night before you go to sleep or send them a blessing in the morning...all for FREE. More

Reduced International call tariffs Reduced International Call Tariffs    
With our low, per-second international call rate to Econet customers in Zimbabwe, we're making it cheaper for you to call your family more often from as little as R6.99 per minute. More info

SA's lowest call rates SA's lowest call rates    
Cell C calls to any network are charged at 99c per minute and per second billling applies. Add to that the fantastic benefits of Cell C Supacharge add up to give you the best local call rate in South Africa that are no promotional. More

Free porting Keep your existing cell number with Free Porting    

Port to CALL HOME from MTN, Vodacom and Telkom Mobile and keep your number. More