We've brought many of the unique CALL HOME services together in the FREE "CALL HOME Zone", accessible directly from any mobile phone. It allows quick access to a host of features, all of which are unique and exclusive to CALL HOME subscribers in South Africa. From any and all phones with a CALL HOME SIM, you can enter the CALL HOME Zone by dialing *133*003#. Subscribers are advised to save the CALL HOME Zone number (*133*003#) in their phone's contacts for easy access. If you have a data and Internet enabled phone, you can enjoy an improved user experience by accessing the CALL HOME Zone at

Select this option if your phone has a colour screen and can browse the Internet. Open your phone's browser and go to
This version of the CALL HOME Zone is accessible from all phones with a CALL HOME SIM card. Dial *133*003# for the USSD zone.
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