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EcoCash now available in South Africa!

A REVOLUTION in the way Zimbabweans send cash home from South Africa has begun! EcoCash, Zimbabwe's leading mobile money transfer service is now available on your mobile number from any network so you can send cash home instantly to over 4,000,000 EcoCash customers in Zimbabwe.

Simply register (once off) for the service using your Zimbabwe passport at any of the authorised registration locations and your personal EcoCash wallet will be activated. After that, sending cash home is as simple as buying prepaid airtime. Go to any one of 70,000 Flash vendors throughout South Africa to “cash-in”*. You can send as little as R50 at a time and up to R3,000 per day or R10,000 per month.

Simple – Secure – Instant….there has never been a cross border remittance service like this.

With “EcoCash on Call Home”, Life and Love have no borders!

Cash-in fee of 7% charged by FLASH to convert ZAR to USD and deposit money in your EcoCash Wallet.

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How it works

Call Home SIM

If you are already one of the 900,000 CALL HOME customers in Mzansi, skip to step 2. If not, join the CALL HOME family to enjoy the many benefits of using a CALL HOME SIM. CALL HOME SIM cards are available at Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hypers, all FLASH FICA shops as well as our vendors on the streets. Not only will you be able to enjoy the revolutionary FLASH to EcoCash remittance service, you will enjoy many other value adds tailored to the unique needs of Diaspora communities in SA such as the lowest calling rates to Zim, the lowest call rates in South Africa between Call Home customers, free news from home, free messaging with your loved ones back home and more. With Call Home, Life and Love have no borders! Call Home is Powered by Cell C.



Registration only has to be done once and takes approximately 5 minutes. To register, simply bring your mobile number from any network, your Zimbabwean Passport and your smile to any PEP store or any of the authorised FLASH vendors displaying EcoCash. You will be asked to complete and sign a simple registration form which is available from the agent. Once your registration has been processed by the agent, it will typically be approved on the same day but approval could take up to 48 hours. You will be kept informed of the progress of your application by SMS to your mobile number and will be sent easy to follow instructions once your EcoCash account is activated. You can send money directly to your loved ones instantly. If you are using a Call Home SIM, you can access EcoCash on the main menu of the "Call Home Zone" by dialing *133*003#.

*operated by FLASH with Authorised Dealer Mercantile Bank


Find a FLASH Shop:

After receiving your approval SMS from EcoCash, get a quote for the amount that you want to send to Zimbabwe.

Get a Quote

Whenever you want to Send Cash Home, simply request a quote by dialing the shortcode *130*2697*7# from your mobile number. You will be asked to either the Rand amount or the Dollar amount you wish to send. Within seconds, you will receive an SMS with your unique quote reference number. You can remit as little as R50 at a time, up to R3,000 per day and up to R10,000 per month.


Pay at any PEP store or at any FLASH shop

Take your quote to any PEP store or any of the 70 000 FLASH vendors or EcoCash agents and ask to pay to EcoCash. Give the reference number from your quote to the FLASH vendor along with the exact Rand amount of your quote. The money will be converted to US Dollars and will instantly reflect in your EcoCash wallet.

Send Cash Home

You can remit directly to the EcoCash customer in Zimbabwe or you can securely login to your EcoCash wallet by dialling *133*003# and send cash home to any of the over 4,000,000 EcoCash customers in Zimbabwe.