Terms & Conditions

Econet CALL HOME Standard Prepaid Terms and Conditions

  • The default tariff for all new customers who activate an Econet CALL HOME starterpack will be on the 99 Cents tariff plan.
Existing Econet CALL HOME customers are eligible to change their current tariff plan to the 99 Cents tariff plan by dialling 141 from an Econet CALL HOME phone.
The 99 Cents tariff plan allows customers to make calls to local South African networks at a rate of 99c per minute, inclusive of VAT, with per second billing applying.
Supa-Woza benefits do not apply to Econet CALL HOME customers on the Cell C 99 Cents tariff plan.
Econet CALL HOME customers with Supa-Woza benefits who change their tariff plan to the 99 Cents tariff plan will lose all their current Supa-Woza benefits.
The friends and family service is not applicable to the 99 Cents tariff plan.
Econet CALL HOME customers get special international call rates for calls made to Econet customers in Zimbabwe and Lesotho
Standard Cell C rates apply to international calling and value-added services, visit http://www.cellc.co.za/international-tariffs 
The 99 Cents tariff commences and is available to customers at 00h00 on 20 May 2012 or such other date that Cell C in its sole and absolute discretion elects.
Econet CALL HOME may amend, modify or otherwise change these terms and conditions in its sole and absolute discretion and the amended version will be displayed in the same media as these terms and conditions. Cell C will notify you before Cell C amends or otherwise changes the terms and conditions.

Cell C 99c Tariff Plan

Local voice calls
Local SMS and MMS per message
Data per MB (out of bundle)
International SMS per message
International calls
Billing increment

R 0.99
R 0.50
R 0.99
R 1.50
View tariff list here
Per second biling from the 1st second


Special CALL HOME International Call Rates

International calls from Call HOme to Econet Zimbabwe (+26377...)
- Peak - R 2.85 per minute (Monday to Friday, 7am to 8pm)
-Off-peak - R2.25 per minute (Monday to Friday, 8pm to 7am, All day on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
Biling Increment - Per second biling
International calls from Call Home to Econet Telecoms Lesotho (+2666... and +2662...)
- Anytime - R1.99 per minute
Biling Increment - Per second biling


Note: Calls to telephone numbers in Zimbabwe and Lesotho other than Econet are charged at Cell C's normal rate of:

- Calls to Zimbabwe

- Calls to Lesotho

R5.59 per minute

R2.99 per minute

Since Call Home lines are "Powered by Cell C", Cell C Standard Terms & Conditions apply. For terms and conditions click on www.cellc.co.za

Econet CALL HOME SIM Fair Usage Policy:

  • The Call Home SIM offers a special, promotional call rate to Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and Econet Telecoms Lesotho.  The SIM is intended for individual, personal use as the primary or main SIM card of the subscriber.  Usage of the Call Home SIM for commercial gain such as on-selling the service in payphones, least cost routers and the like is not permitted.  Primary usage behavior will be determined based upon comparisons with the average primary SIM usage from time to time.  Should it be suspected that a SIM is being used for anything other than the intended purpose, the promotional rate to Econet Zimbabwe or Econet Lesotho for the line will be suspended and the line will revert to normal Cell C call rates.  The standard Cell C prepaid call rate to Econet Zimbabwe is presently R5.59 per minute and to Econet Lesotho is presently R2.99 per minute .